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Yard Maintenance Henderson, NV 

The best yard maintenance in Henderson, NV! 

Whether you’re looking for a one-time clean-up, ongoing landscape maintenance, Irrigation repairs, repair outdoor plumbing, renovate existing landscape, eliminate drain problems or light up your landscape LandTeck can help with all your needs.

Our landscape maintenance service comes with an designated account manager that will contact you once a month. To follow up on your feedback on our service or to take in consideration any special requests you might have for our next visit. This is how we improve and provide a better service to each customer and property. Every customer and property has different expectations and we love to hear them. This is our secret to customer communication and better customer service.

Service Time
1. 30-60mins per visit depending on property size & season of year 
Scope of work
2. Provide all labor, materials, and equipment required to maintain landscape in an attractive curb appearance conditions
Turf - if any 
3. Turf areas mowed and edged weekly during the growing season, and as necessary during the winter months in order to maintain a neat appearance.
4. Fertilize lawn 2 x a year 1st February-March & 2nd September-October fertilizer / Pre-emergent & broadleaf applications are scheduled semi-annually and install with fertilizer 
5. Aerate lawn around March-April 
Bushes & Hedges 
6. Trim and shape all bushes and hedges under 10ft as needed
7. Bushes or hedges taller than 6ft to be per bid basis
Tree Trimming 
8. Trim lower branches off trees and palms under 7ft as needed
9. Remove suckers from trees under 7 feet
10. Trees or palms taller than 10ft to be per bid basis
11. Remove suckers from palm trees under 7ft (Example Sago, Phoenix Reclinata, Windmill, Mediterranean Fan and Pygmy Date)
12. Blow landscape debris out of landscape areas
13. Blow walkways and patio furniture and front yard curbing 
14. Haul out debris created by crew trimming and blowing any other debris hauling per bid basis
15. Remove weeds and spray weeds (spray weeds smaller than a 3/4 of an inch, pull weeds larger than 1 inch) (Sprayed weeds will have a green or blue dye to indicate spraying was done)
16. Wild trees, bushes, palms or tree suckers needed removal from stump are per bid basis
Drip System
17. Inspect drip irrigation system for leaks or other malfunctions and provide an estimate on major repairs needed. (Inspect one zone per visit either front or backyard) *Crew leader will turn on zone manually while servicing property then walk along landscape and inspect for leaks or clogged emitters if emitters are visible.*  
18. Cap missing emitters, replace damage visible emitters when needed (provide an estimate if emitters need to be updated to larger gallon per hour emitter heads)
Sprinkler System
19. Adjust and replace damaged sprinkler spray nozzles when needed (spray nozzles only)
20. Provide an estimate when sprinkler head(s) needs to be replaced or repair
Water Management 
21. Adjust irrigation watering schedule each season and manage watering if controller is accessible. (If not provide an estimate on installing controller outside, where it can be accessed by crew regularly)
22. Inspect and adjust irrigation system every visit if needed if accessible
Shrub Fertilizer Included 
23. Fertilize bushes 2 x a year 1st February-March & 2nd September-October fertilizer (Insert 2-4 fertilizer tablets in drip valve Y filter or granular fertilizer) 
Pest Control - Manage & report 
24. Properly regularly inspect for landscape pest and diseases. Pest and diseases treated only as needed with approved chemicals 
Perennial & Annual plants
25. Trim down all perennial plants and haul debris
26. Rake landscape rock along most traffic areas as needed
Landscape Lighting 
27. Program landscape lighting transformer if any, each season or when needed
28. Inspect landscape lighting and provide estimate when repairs are needed
Pool Cleaning 
29. Clean surface debris from pool once landscape maintenance service is done
Annual Color 
30. Annual color replace quarterly upon approval estimate
Services terms
31. Service will be terminated when two overdue invoices are accumulated
32. Month to month no contracts 

33. Pay once all services are completed

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