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Yard Clean Up Henderson, NV 

The best yard clean up service in Henderson, NV!

Whether overgrown bushes, weeds or leaves have taken your yard over, we can help restore your landscape to its former beauty.  Typically, a clean up can be completed in less than a day and often results in a drastic improvement that can be enjoyed that same evening. In order to best serve our customer’s needs, we offer seasonally appropriate clean up services for both spring and fall or when needed. In addition, we offer landscape clean up services tailored to specific projects such as vacant lots and negated yard.
Spring Clean Ups
With winter finally coming to an end, we understand our client’s desire to be outdoors.  Our spring clean-up includes full landscape cleanup, irrigation inspection, plant & tree fertilizing, aerating and fertilizing lawns, and blow debris that may have accumulated over the winter. Spring is also the best time to analyze and create the future health of each individual plant & tree as well as renovate landscape by adding new plants and trees. Also, the best time to start preparing and accumulating soil moister for the dry heat to come.

Summer Cleanup & Irrigation Inspection   

With our nice spring weather fading away our summer heat starts kicking in and if your landscape is no prepare it can suffer the consequences of being neglected. Our heat is not something to ignore it quickly dry's lawns and stresses plants and trees till they die within a blink of an eye. Water management is the most important thing to do this time of the season. Over trim plants and trees can stress or catch diseases fast as well.  

Fall Clean Ups
After the summer is over and the fall begins, our clean up service is designed to remove any weeds, leaves, and other yard debris that may have invaded your lawn. Fall is also the best time to trim and shape overgrown bushes, trees, annual & perennial plants.

Landscape clean-ups' start at $145.00* and include;
Trim and shape bushes and hedges under 10ft 
Remove or weeds
Trim off suckers from trees & bushes 
Trim lower branches off trees under 10ft 
Blow debris from under bushes and around landscape areas 
Blow hardscapes or concrete patios areas and walkways
Haul off landscape debris from clean-up (Green recyclable debris only)
Rake rock and detail landscape 
Inspect irrigation system for leaks or malfunctions (Show customer and provide estimate)
Make sure plants and trees have a working source of water (Only on visible emitters)

Inspect irrigation for leaks and malfunctioning
Inspect irrigation controller for proper controller programming  


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