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Irrigation Repair in Henderson, NV 

The Best Irrigation Repair In Henderson, NV!

LandTeck specializes in repairing emergency irrigation leaks leaks, updating old irrigation systems, replacing irrigation valves, replacing timers/controllers, repairing drip & sprinkler systems, troubleshooting wiring, low pressure and irrigation seasonal tune-ups, leak detection inspections. We count with multiple irrigation technicians equipped with every part needed to repair or replace any irrigation system.

With our years of experience and team, we have installed and repaired thousands of systems and seen it all. We have the experience to design, install, troubleshoot and repair any irrigation system.


We help you eliminate irrigation issues and have water wastage.

We repair & install:

  • Sprinkler Head Repair

  • MP Rotator Installation

  • MP Rotator Replacement

  • Low Pressure Diagnosis

  • Main Line Repair

  • PVC Pipe Repair/Replacement

  • Drip System Installation

  • Timer/Controller Installation

  • Backflow Preventer Installation

  • Hose Bib/Spigot Installation

  • Seasonal Inspections

  • Timer/Controller Wire Repairs

  • Fix Broken Pipes

  • PVC Pipe Repair/Replacement

  • Landscape Lighting Installation

  • LED Landscape Lighting Upgrades

  • Landscape Lighting Repair

  • Subsurface Systems

  • Timer Replacement

  • Backflow Preventer Replacement

  • Hose Bib/Spigot Replacement

  • Sprinkler Head Adjustment

  • Timer/Controller Wire Installation

  • System Additions

  • Main Line Installation


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